Faster speed “wrap drive”

Our customer upgraded their main feed conveyor from their old Superior 30” x 125″‘ stacker to one of our new Vale 42” x 125’ radial stackers rated at 1400 TPH. The new radial stacker will increase production & handle the greater loads with ease.
Lonetrack was asked to design & install a higher HP, faster belt speed, “Wrap Drive” to upgrade their old Superior 30” x 125’ stacker to handle greater loads.

Lonetrack designed & installed the drive & tested the unit prior to delivery back to the owner.

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Work completed:
Feeder hopper repaired & new UHMW liners installed.
Grizzly – new hydraulic pump added & tipping function tested
2 brand new conveyor belts put on the plant, (overhead feed & under screen).
New impact rollers added to transfer points of conveyor.
New flashing replaced on conveyor transfer points.
Replaced any conveyor trough sets that need to be replaced.
Inspected and replaced any needed return rollers.
Replaced tail/head pulley bearings and bushings.
Complete new drive assembly on under screen conveyor. All new drive belts. Sheaves replaced as needed.
Screen deck removed from plant and given a full inspection, installed new feed distribution plate.
New input shaft taper lock & new seal assembly. New tension spring assembly, four new screen springs and new snubbers.
Screen discharge chutes repaired and new AR plate installed  on chute & by-pass door for extended wear life.
Inspected the internals of the cone and replaced the upper radial bearings. Wedge plate was re-machined and new lower seals were installed. All new counterweights installed. New bearings & seals on pinion drive. All cylinders rebuilt or replaced. Accumulators checked & re-charged, piping resealed. New oil pump installed. New thrust plate, brake bar & floating plate.
New (updated) flow meter, gauge & filter assembly for lube oil. New temperature sensor.
New drums on center axle.
New guards & unit completely painted.
Plant Cables inspected.


Newly Restored All In One 1213 Plant with a 5×14 Triple deck screen, 45 classic cone and a feeder all on one chassis.

Lonetrack has taken the time to repair or replace whatever necessary.  This plant is now ready to go to work for another 20 years!  

This refurbishment was completed by Lonetrack. And this plant is now up to par with much newer classed plants on the market. This plant is now ready to go to work for many years. 

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The Primary 3144 KPI “Vanguard” Jaw plant with a Hydraulic tipping grid is processing a 24″ minus material. It’s equipped with an 8′ stepped grizzly section to bypass the 3″ minus, which is processed thru a 6×20 JCI Triple Deck screen plant. Sand and natural clears for the wash plant feed are separated out & the clear 1″ x 3″ is sent to a JCI 6203 Feeder Screen plant where it is merged with the jaw outfeed.

This material is close circuited with the JCI “Kodiak” K300+ Cone plant to produce, base and clear products. Stockpiling is done with transfer conveyors to a number of 36″ x 80′ and 36″ x 125′ radial stackers. All are powered by a Custom Lonetrack Powervan running an 800kw Cummins generator.


Westridge Rock wanted to replace two 400HP cone spreads with one high capacity, mine duty crush spread that was low maintenance & capable of running 24/7 for two week periods. The entire plant needed to be easily transported for an estimated 7 moves per year. This needed to be a turnkey solution.

The Lonetrack/Vale team designed & built a plant that met all the criteria. It starts with a KPI 3365 Vanguard Jaw plant feeding a twin JCI 7203MS screen plant that has a JCI K500+ cone plant closed circuited.
There is a custom built 50 tonne surge hopper that incorporates a large electro-magnet & a metal detector that helps keep the cone safely choke fed. Various custom built Vale transfer & stacking conveyors close the
circuit and product is sent to a KPI 36″ x 130′ Superstacker. All this is controlled by a Lonetrack van that is heated, air conditioned, pressurized & filtered. Camera’s & belt scales keep close tabs on the plant.

“We purchased a turnkey plant for our East Kootenay Operations from Lonetrack Equipment/Vale Industries. Their team has been very accommodating in every aspect of the build. From the initial design phase, thru to one year of operation, their attention to detail and support when
issues have arisen, has met all our expectations.”
                                         – Dallas Isaac, Westridge Rock Ltd.


Daudet Creek Contracting found their track mounted aggregate processing equipment was not keeping up with the rapidly expanding demand. They went looking for a fully portable, turnkey solution and settled on a plant designed & built by the Lonetrack/Vale team. This included a primary KPI Vanguard 3144 jaw combined with a JCI Kodiak K400+ cone closed with a JCI 7203 triple shaft oval motion feeder screen. Various Vale stackers & surge bin completes the plant & all is powered by a Lonetrack designed & built Powervan.

“Daudet purchased a new 400 Hp Cone Spread with a Primary Jaw from the Lonetrack/Vale team.
We have been thrilled with the quality and performance of the plant and the Lonetrack/Vale team have attended to any issues we have had and quickly satisfied our concerns. They always strived to make things right and they understand the importance of product support. We are happy to have partnered with the Lonetrack and Vale Team.”